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Lake Charles Martial Arts Loves SalesVu’s iPad POS System feature ,Inventory Management and Invoicing

Lake Charles Martial Arts (LCMA) is a martial art school that goes beyond martial arts and turns people’s lives around through innovative curriculum. “Our instruction not only changes our students’ lives but also helps improve the lives of people around the community,” said Owner John Newport.

LCMA found SalesVu when searching for a POS system that could track inventory. At the time, they were using PayPal but were quickly outgrowing its usefulness as their product and service options grew.

“The fact that [SalesVu] is less expensive to use than PayPal helps in dropping our overhead costs and presents us as a truly professional company with receipts and invoicing that are customized to our needs,” said Newport.

Lake Charles Martial Arts does a lot of traveling, private lessons and special functions away from school, giving them the need for an iPad POS.

“When tournaments come about we need something reliable to collect payment (non-cash) at the door,” said Newport.

LCMA researched more than 80 POS systems when looking for a new system.

“We looked at ShopKeep, but the monthly charges for what we needed prevented that sale,” said Newport. “We looked at NCR Silver but it was too complex and expensive. We considered LightSpeed but we saw that we would outgrow their introductory offer and could not afford the next level.”

LCMA chose SalesVu because they could try it without any required commitment. Once Newport saw that SalesVu iPad POS could grow with LCMA without being nickel and dimed plus the extensive list of features, they “knew they had a winner.”

Newport’s favorite thing about SalesVu’s solution is its simplicity. They also like the ability to invoice a sale complete with their logo and all of the pertinent information as well as the capacity to transfer sales between devices.

“Our students are wowed when they see us take our iPad or phone out to complete a sale or tuition payment,” said Newport. “We are the only martial art school in the area with anything like this.”

“The online coupons and option to get actual gift cards and track their usage help keep us on top of what is working,” said Newport.

According to Newport, SalesVu has helped in the retention of students by offering so many different means of payment.

“If someone doesn’t at least try SalesVu, then they are just going to waste their money,” said Newport.

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