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Inventory, ECommerce Website and Employee Management are Essential at Juice Junkies

Juice Junkies

Juice Junkies (JJ) has arrived! JJ is a raw, organic juice bar that serves cold, pressured juices that are bottled in-house. They also serve superfood smoothies as well as raw and vegan food, all made on location and packaged to go.

SalesVu is Owner Hillary Biediger’s first mPOS.

“I’ve used Aloha and Squirrel in other businesses at which I’ve worked,” said Biediger. “I didn’t like them.”

She also considered Square and POS Lavu. Biediger liked SalesVu because there was no major start up cost, just the cost of hardware and extra credit cards swipers. The transaction fees were also appealing to her.

“[SalesVu] is a full POS solution: inventory, online ordering, employee clock-in and clock-out,” said Biediger. “It has everything you need to run a small business.”

An iPad POS was important for JJ because it takes up less space and looks nice and clean.

“My main reason for using a mobile POS is that the parking lot at my store is limited, so I would like to be able to run my product out to my customers and use my iPod Touch and swipe their credit card so they can be on their way..FAST,” said Biediger.

Biediger likes how easy it is to change a product or price on the computer and have it immediately updated on the devices.

“I like online ordering; I also like how easy it is to use SalesVu,” said Biediger. “This will make training employees so much easier!”

Find out more about Juice Junkies on their Facebook page , on Twitter @JuiceJunkiesFTW or on Instagram @JuiceJunkiesFTW

Photo Ron Jenkins

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