Why SalesVu iPad POS System Beat Out the Competition at Partners Bar and Grill


Partners Bar and Grill (PBG) is a small establishment near downtown Huntsville, AL. PBG opened in 2007 but is now under new management.

PBG needed an mPOS solution because it reduces their costs and complexity compared to the traditional solution they were using (Sharp cash registers with “poorly implemented PLU system” and stand-alone credit card terminal).

“Being able to use an off-the-shelf Apple iPad made more sense than having a large, clunky, proprietary hardware to contend with,” said James Mazikowski, owner of Partners. Also, with our outdoor patio bar, a mobile POS solution seemed like the way to go in terms of being able to bring the equipment inside in inclement weather or when we close.”

When switching from Sharp’s traditional cash registers to an up-to-date mPOS, PBG also considered Square, NCR Silver, Shopkeep and POS Lavu.

“I decided SalesVu’s iPad POS would be the best fit for us due to the fact that credit card processing fees were below those of the competition and there was no monthly fee,” said Mazikowski. “SalesVu’s rich cloud based management and reporting interface were also strong points that affected my decisions.”

Mazikowski likes the ability to make changes to products in seconds; he can change prices, add discounts or create a new product without ever getting in the way of the bartenders.

“I love the powerful reporting features,” said Mazikowski. “Before, we had to keep track of different sales categories manually for tax purposes, whereas SalesVu allows us to call up a report for a certain category whenever we need it!”

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