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See How Yarn Shop Nikki’s Knots Uses SalesVu’s iPad POS System

Check out SalesVu’s nifty customer, Nikki’s Knots!

Nikki’s Knots (KN) is a yarn shop located in Woodland Park, Colorado. NK stands out from the rest because of its unique lounge area where crafters can hang out, craft and get to know fellow members in the crafting community all while enjoying refreshments.

Nikki’s Needs

When starting her business, Owner Nikki Parsons was looking for a POS system that offered inventory tracking to assess the long-term preferences of her customers. She also was interested in accounting for the profitability of the items she sells. Parsons needed a mobile processor so that she could make sales at the occasional trade show or farmers’ market.

So, Why SalesVu?

Parsons heard about SalesVu through a credit card processor when she was looking for an inventory tracking POS system. At the time, she was using Square and had looked into PayPal, Intuit and LightSpeed prior to joining SalesVu. Her budget would not allow for most POS software and she already owned an iPad that she was comfortable using, making SalesVu iPad POS the obvious choice.

“I love the integration between the computer, my iPad and my iPhone,” said Parsons. “Also you can create employees so you can track the many devices that you may use, along with the password protection.”

Parsons said she could not pick a favorite feature as “there is so much to love!”

“I love the support; you can talk to real people as well as leave messages on the forum boards when you don’t have time for a phone call,” said Parsons. “The support response is so quick.”

She also likes the reports option of this “intuitive” POS system, as she can get information on various aspects of her small business. Parsons most frequently uses the sales report so that she can replenish NK’s stock most efficiently.

For more information on Nikki’s Knots, go to or like the KN Facebook page!

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