Small Fry Owner, Rico Nasol, Explains the Significance of SalesVu’s iPad POS SystemReporting


The Company

Small Fry (SF) is a San Jose, California food truck that specializes in Belgian-style french fries with gourmet toppings. SF believes that french fries should be the “star” and no longer the side dish.

“Being America’s favorite side, it deserves to stand on its own,” said Small Fry Owner Rico Nasol.

Small Fry accomplishes this by bringing flavors to their fries from Asia, Mexico, the U.S. and beyond.

Small Fry’s Needs

As a food truck, SF needs a POS system that was as mobile as they are.

“We have different locations every day of the week and different locations for lunch and dinner,” said Nasol. “We need the flexibility to process payments anywhere we go. If you don’t take cards, you turn away so much business.”

The SalesVu Decision

When looking into mobile POS solutions, SF also considered Square and PayPal.

“We are a new business and SalesVu was our first choice,” said Nasol. “We signed up for Square as a backup, but we knew that SalesVu is exactly what we were looking for. The cost savings and the reporting, by far, gave SalesVu the edge.”

SalesVu is the perfect combination of an easy to use frontend with a robust backend reporting suite,” said Nasol. “It provides the functionality that we need for our young and growing business; it helps us manage everything from labor costs to sales.”

SalesVu had several features that attracted Nasol, including the ability to track how the truck’s sales regardless of where he is.

“I can login to the backend service and check orders in real time which helps on the days that I am not on the truck,” said Nasol. “The backend allows me to track those sales as well as analyze what sells best, when and where. It really helps us control inventory and be prepared for each service location.”

He also really liked SalesVu’s ease of use.

“It is so easy to set up products, categories, etc,” said Nasol.”Adding pictures is a breeze and the fact that all of that information can sync to our website is fantastic!”

The Results

Small Fry is saving money on transaction fees and food costs due to the ability to gauge their needs.

SalesVu really gives us the high level and the granular views we need to help make our business more efficient,” said Nasol. “We can slice and dice the data how we need to so we can figure out how to run our truck best.”

As a new business, Small Fry looks forward to online ordering, calling it a “powerful tool,” once they build up a following and repeat customers.

For more information about Small Fry, go to, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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