Reporting and Inventory Management are Key at Yo’Cheese

The Company

Yo’Cheese (YC) of Centennial, Colorado is a small family owned business in a premier outdoor shopping venue. With few employees, YC has a menu offering 4 types of grilled cheese sandwiches (all named after the owners’ children), a weekly special and a homemade tomato soup.

The Needs

A mobile solution is necessary due to their of lack of space and frequent deliveries to businesses

“We can take our iPad with us and make a transaction when we deliver,” said Yo’Cheese Co- Owner Colleen McConeghy.

Choosing an iPad POS

YC considered Intuit in addition to SalesVu when researching POS systems.

“We chose SalesVu because of the functionality, as well as the price,” said McConeghy. “It’s completely worth it to have amazing functionality like the reporting and inventory — a lot of great tools that make our job a lot easier.”

Life With SalesVu

YC’s favorite feature is the inventory tracking.

“We have four kids, a business, a lot of activities; we love that we receive alerts when a product has dropped below a certain amount,” said McConeghy. “We don’t have to guess, go to the shop, ask our employees; we know right away.”

They also really like SalesVu’s ease of use.

“It takes us just minutes to get new employees up and running,” said McConeghy. “We don’t have to spend or waste a lot of time getting new employees set up with a complicated system.”

Yo’Cheese is able to do just about everything through the solution.

“Hours for pay, sales reports for tax reporting — it’s a one-stop place for all of our financial tracking,” said McConeghy. “We also like the partnership with Mercury. If Mercury has an issue, it’s resolved in minutes. Did we mention it’s easy to use?”

To learn more about Yo’Cheese check them out on Facebook or Twitter: @yocheeseco

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