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Hey 49er Fans, Niner Empire is Talking about Their Success with SalesVu’s ECommerce Website

Niner Empire (NE) is a San Francisco 49er fan shop. Initially, NE was a website for all 49er fans to come together in support their team. Then, it grew around the country and world to now have over 40 chapters.

NE started their own clothing line a couple of years ago and recently decided to open a fan shop. They sell 49er novelties, glassware, housewares, tailgating items, flags, prints, jewelry, toys, etc.

Owner Monica Toscano researched many POS systems, including Square and Shopkeep, and even bought a couple cash registers before returning them. Square could not support their inventory issues and they could not afford Shopkeep and the like because of monthly charges.

“SalesVu iPad POS had everything we needed: an inventory system, merchant service and the ability to scan barcodes,” said Toscano. “I also like that I could download my info into Quickbooks and the opportunity for an online store.”

Toscano and her husband like that the SalesVu retail POS is free with a valuable management portal.

“I like that I can make changes from home and have emails regarding all of my sales even when I’m not at the store; SalesVu is great,” said Toscano.

Since adopting SalesVu, Niner Empire has been able to put their store online and keep all of their inventory together.

“They have answered my questions when I call or email them,” said Toscano. “Their customer service is great!”

Are you a 49er fan or interested in some gear? Go to or check out their Facebook page!

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