SDAdish Puts Their Trust in SalesVu’s ECommerce Website for Their Nationwide Business

The Company

SDAdish (SDA) is a small business that sells free-to-air satellite equipment, meaning once you buy the equipment you can watch TV without monthly fees or contracts. SDA has several channel packages available, some of which include up to 200 channels. They also offer installation and repair to customers within a 150 mile radius of their office in Priest River, Idaho. Additionally, SDA has begun selling cell phone boosters, antennas, survival gear and health products.

“Primarily, our goal is to make Christian television available to more people at an affordable cost,” said SDAdish Owner Natalie Ocon. “We also want to make more people aware that there is still free TV available out there, with quality programming as well.”

The Needs

SDAdish needed an iPad POS solution because they frequently attend trade shows and Christian camp meetings where they need to process credit cards on the spot. They also needed to be able to accept credit cards while doing local installations and repairs.

“Because we sell nationwide, almost all of our sales occur over the phone or online,” said Ocon. “Therefore, if we are out in the field doing an installation, we can still take orders and process credit cards while out of the office.”

The SalesVu Decision

Prior to adopting SalesVu, SDAdish was using SecurePay. SDA was able to integrate it “fairly well” with their website, but it had more limitations and many extra fees.

“Also, every year they required us to go through a PCI compliance questionnaire and pay $180; I got pretty tired of that,” said Ocon.

Once deciding to look at other POS systems, SDA considered PayPal, Square and Intuit GoPayment. They chose SalesVu because they had the most features at the best rate.

“[SalesVu] has a low rate, no annual PCI compliance fee or other fees like, statement fees or getaway fees,” said Ocon. “We also needed to be able to integrate the credit card processing with our existing website and be able to use our mobile devices to process cards.”

SalesVu ECommerce

One of SDA’s favorite things about SalesVu is the ECommerce feature.

“We like being able to add products, descriptions, pictures and more to the website and then be able to see them on the app as well,” said Ocon. “We also like the ‘Buy’ buttons that we’ve integrated into our website as the shopping cart.”

According to Ocon, SDAdish was getting thousands of views to the website but they weren’t getting enough conversions to sales with their previous POS shopping cart system.

“It seems that with SalesVu, the checkout process is less confusing to the customer,” said Ocon. “They click on the ‘Buy’ button and are taken to a nice, clean item description page to complete their order.”

SDA also enjoys how easy it is to add new products, as well as remove items from ECommerce with a click of the mouse.

“With our last POS provider, we didn’t have the option to remove items from ECommerce when we were out of stock,” said Ocon. “We had to list it as ‘Out of Stock’ and hope that the customer would read that and not try to continue with the order.”

Ocon’s husband, Max, also had a lot to say about SalesVu’s ECommerce feature:

“The ECommerce has been great,” said Max. “My customers have found that our new system works much better, is easy to use and I like it too! I especially like the SalesVu dashboard and the easy-to-understand interface features for setting up products under categories, all with different options. The [ECommerce] website also works great on mobile devices, like phones.”

“My last service was quite a hassle to work with and you can’t beat SalesVu’s customer service,” said Max. “I give them a 10 and two thumbs up for their quick tech support response.”

The Results

“SalesVu has helped our business by making it possible for our website to be more user-friendly,” said Ocon. “It has also saved us quite a bit of money that we can use elsewhere to help our business grow.”

Ocon says that SDAdish saves about $420/year on fees alone by using SalesVu.

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