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McKinney’s Irish Pub Chooses SalesVu’s iPad POS over competitors


McKinneys Irish Pub (MIP) is a new, authentic 2,000 square foot pub in the Haymarket district of Lincoln, Nebraska. MIP boasts a large selection of craft beer and Irish whiskeys.

Though McKinneys only opened in November, Owner Nathan Stewart has been in the food industry for almost 15 years and worked with numerous POS system, including Micros, Aloha and others.

Stewart wanted an iPad POS to “step up the service.” McKinneys can now have servers on the floor with iPad Minis and save two to three minutes in the ordering process.

“This was the first time we went to an iPad interface,” said Stewart. “I used other systems before for my other business but I knew that I would be running a bar and needing more detail like, printing credit card receipts, inventory control and clocking employees in and out. I would say I researched [SalesVu] for about a month [prior to making my decision].”

Stewart also considered Breadcrumb, Revel and Micros for McKinneys.

“I chose SalesVu’s restaurant POS because of the price, customization abilities, inventory control and integration with QuickBooks,” said Stewart.

Stewart says his favorite SalesVu feature is the QuickBooks integration.

“It makes our job as business owners a lot easier when you don’t have to spend so much time doing the reports,” said Stewart. “All of the different reports that SalesVu can do are really convenient as well.”

Stewart believes that SalesVu has made them more efficient and saved them anywhere from $500 to $15,000 based on other estimates he was given. He also says he has saved on SalesVu’s free customer support.

For more information about McKinneys Irish pub you can like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter.



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