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Tropical Sno share their sweet experience with SalesVu iPad POS System : “A complete and reachable business management solution”


Tropical Sno is a shaved iced local in Western Spring Illinois that is dedicated to create an oasis of shave ice euphoria. They do this by selling the highest quality and best tasting shave ice in the world. It serves more than 50 flavors to eager customers who constantly experiment with the wide variety of flavors and create their own ice indulgences.

We talked to the business owner Nicholas Cozzi who used in his first store the traditional registers, but noticed they were not really useful business-wise to his store. “All they did was round all the money earned in a day and nothing else” Nicholas realized he needed something more useful and a regular POS. He needed a complete and reachable business management tool, one that could offer him a wide range of business tools

He used Square in the past, but found that its features were insufficient for the market understanding and developing of Tropical Sno.

SalesVu offered me the Gift Card Feature and I loved it!. This was crucial for my decision towards SalesVu business management solution. It is a complete system that understands the requirements and needs of my stores, hence of my clients. The Gift Cards were a huge success for my store, and a way to keep the sales organized. Customers loved it and used it a lot. This feature implied a great success for me and Tropical Sno”

He also told us that other favorite feature he has is the employees and inventory management tools that SalesVu includes.

“They are both very effective and convenient. As the owner of two stores, I need to be constantly updated about the things that happen with the payments of the employees and their hours of work. I also need to know if the cups or spoon supplies are running low in the store and SalesVu emails me with all this relevant information and allows me to manage my business effectively everywhere I go”.

Moreover, Nicholas explained that he felt that SalesVu Customer Service phone number is an extremely important tool of the system.

“The fact that I can call them directly instead of just having an email address makes it a very nice and reachable business solution. It is better to have a direct contact with a customer service representative in case some questions or concerns arise”

If you want to know more about Tropical Sno at Western Spring Illinois be sure to visit their Facebook page be clicking the icon below.

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