Top Benefits of the Gift Card Management feature of SalesVu iPad POS System


Gift cards are a quick, convenient gift for your customers to give to someone they love. They are also a quick sale for your business and can increase revenue at any time of year, especially around the holidays. Whether your business currently offers gift cards or would like more information on how you can add them to your store, we can help. With a gift card management plan, you can leave all the work to a reliable software solution, reducing any administrative tasks and risk for human error. There are also benefits to both your business and the customer, so everyone wins.

Your Customers Have a Better Experience

With a gift card management program, your customers can view their gift card information and balance online. They can also conveniently activate their gift card online so that they can begin shopping at your new store in no time.

Spread Your Brand Reach

With gift cards, your customers are giving their friends and family money to your store. That means you instantly gain new customers and upfront cash every time one of your gift cards is handed out.

Your business will also benefit both when a customer uses the gift card, as well as when they don’t. Studies have shown that more than ¾ of all gift card users spend significantly more than the value of the gift card when they shop. This is because they are able to get more while spending less thanks to the gift card. If they do not use the gift card during their first visit, they will have an added incentive to visit again soon.

Free Advertising

Take advantage of customizable gift cards to spread your brand reach even more. By adding your brand logo, name, or imagery to the gift card, it can make your brand more recognizable and increase your sales further. Once a new customer receives your branded gift card, they will continue to see your branding every time they open their wallet.

Simplify Your Business Operations

By leaving the operations to our system, you can ensure that the transaction report adds up and can begin to track trends and make important business decisions. The extensive reporting capabilities will allow you to track sales and outstanding balances, so you have a better idea of the big picture of your business.

With this simple, intuitive system, your business can issue and accept gift cards easily. The gift card sales will be properly tracked in your reporting, so you can reduce errors, easily reconcile transactions, and gain a deeper insight into your business operations.

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