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SalesVu iPad POS System and credit card processing system contributes with House Blend Cafe noble initiative


House Blend Cafe is an establishment  committed to impact people’s lives. By giving 100% of their net profit  to love and serve people in their community and around the world. They don’t generally get involved in things where it is just simply writing a check, rather they give back in a way that will meet needs and create a real  connection. SalesVu POS and credit card processing solution has helped this noble initiative reach their goals far and beyond.

“100% of the net profit from our cafe goes back into the community, so having a cost effective POS helps us to give more away. We’re involved in things like caring for the homeless, mentoring at risk kids, growing food to feed people in need. “

We talk to Josh Taylor, the general manager, and asked him how was his experience with SalesVu POS and credit card processing solution. He told us his positive opinion from the system and how efficient and adequate he feels it is for his business

“We’re a cafe and need something that is efficient, and that involves cost efficiency too. Since we are a non-profit, our main priority is to direct as many capital as possible to our cause. The fact that SalesVu credit card processing system has fair credit card transaction fees mean a lot to us. SalesVu POS and entire managing system has made generating reports more efficient to us”

As a final remark, Josh told us that he is potentially interested in setting up and using the e-commerce feature SalesVu has to offer.

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If you are interested in supporting and knowing more about the House Blend Cafe be sure to contact them by clicking the social media icons bellow or visit their website at 


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